Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Matthew 11:28-30 AMP

In the generation we live in, it has become normal to be under stress. We all bear our loads. But Jesus makes a point here, that I believe a lot of us miss. He isn't just offering relief; He is telling us all, "You need a yoke!"

No one wants to admit that we don't know what we're doing with life. If we did know, then we wouldn't make mistakes we regret now would we? Nor would we stumble about spending so much time stressing out on what to do and how to do it. Realize this, and that puts you at a crossroads-- I can go at this on my own, or I can have a shepherd. See, shepherds lead and steer us in the right way. Psalm 23 talks of a "rod and staff", two common implements shepherds use. Matt.11 talks of a yoke, which is a steering device. Jesus makes it clear, it's not harsh or hard or burdensome; rather it is light and easy to be bourne. It's a steering device on our will, on our decision-making process.

As we entrust ourselves to Jesus and His Word, we submit to His shepherdship, by saying I will do what Your Word and Your Spirit leads me to do. I won't go it alone, I will look to You, Shepherd. He will impress upon your will a sense of fitting-ness before you make decisions. You will have a sensing that will grow over time spent heeding the yoke. Yet, you still decide what to do. It's still your life. You have to decide to want this yoke, and to heed it in order to be successful.

What a risk God took here, giving us our own free will. And what an offer He made, basically granting us success in everything we do, since the One doing the leading knows the end from the beginning, and loves you more than anyone ever can. Truly mind-blowing. Doing it the solo pilot way just doesn't make any sense.

Relief is momentary; this yoke is the long-term solution to stress and screwing up your life. I choose the long-term solution, I choose the yoke!


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  1. Yes! Isn't this the very essence of salvation--i.e. LORDSHIP? "You take the lead, Jesus, I give up the driver's seat.
    One Bible version for Matt 11 reads, "Wear my yoke, for it fits perfectly." God doesn't see us a one-size fits all mass of humanity, but in his God-ness, every single one of our yokes is tailor made for us, with eternal truths that fit us all. I am amazed!